Ready To Be That Way

by Midlife Pilot

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Graveyard 03:08
I saw you by the school day And could tell it wasn’t right When I told you that you were my one best friend It was not a jot-down lie to focus Ride around a boarder where I’ll hold on and won’t pretend It’s got me shaking in my own protected feet and can’t see And over petty hillside air and slow ledge Slope and feel fine A year or so between When they collect the leaves it would be nice to shoot the breeze God is all fight and fear in death to Loath? With a tamper on the coast we won’t feel a need to float I caught you by the graveyard It seemed that lamp lost one more light what needs a stone, a fence, a flower, and the edge of comfort Those thoughts surround you all the time The valley swells of nature,a calming local gesture, brings me to a better oversight So when you get that magnet telling you to pull it closer there’s no chance to change your mind Climb the curved stairs A creaky door below They never need to know What comes around and goes call from thin air Late from down the street The cover seems asleep But all that changed was me You wouldn’t fake it You wouldn’t leave All of the bad things are around the bin Having a meltdown Heaven okay Quarter spent while watching over me You wouldn’t fake it You wouldn’t leave Quarter spent while watching over me
Modern Man 02:22
Newer means in making a progress Golden era, gilded island change has got to be The open sun aims confident to all seed And ready to be that way home again Ready to be that way 8 or 9 dry below and it’s all there Torture to a hole they dug A chase in high demand Calling out the mutter oh so brave with the light off Send all the willing bodies out to open sea Rolling eyes failing massive of me I’m ready to be that way It’s all for energy to get out I’m ready to be that way In a meditate campfire In a meditate campfire
It’s got to be to baffle them Or call them out to say Cannot wait to show the full defense Like minded people won’t lose their shit so It makes it null to a point when avoiding them Stay away all and if you can And dont debate How is it the mood is getting worse? in a chain reaction Reaching in and leaving with a glare doped out and fragile On your prescription Full effect to a con-art choice of way Let it stir to produce the feel The only one you’ll ever know they want to fall apart And they wanna fall asleep Then what it means to me is Enough to know but not enough to say it And got them all again A spill with no bad feel And followed up in chills This garnered lie is up to make it real (Always I’ll wait always more to the masses more to the masses)
Record Day 02:38
Though he killed to say it but not so much on record day And when he nodded off the blanket rose awake at dawn Stirring underneath With a lucid end and a calm again It’s the same place overall He put the faults away and couldn’t wait for the record day off the team It gave a nice appeal the ringing sound that he could hear it up so loud and The color is changing evermore with the crackle to the XLR Calling off all fades Chilling factor then could see The ample waves alarming On the common stage Getting close to record day
Clear 02:57
Love to be honest Love to be late With a lot to hide And a lot to say You could Change your cannon any day now I swear a lot is underway It’s cool to be open And chill to say none And grow up spacing everyone I’ll try to go back to your kelidescope memories but what is Clear to you is a blur to me I’ll channel the motions to make a real check, because I’ll never fall in love with it And probably better off shaking that hand that I’m dealt before they sell the deal to someone else A bitter routine Headed to some sellout Has come around I’m sick of the dizzy Acceptance to what is wrong what is wrong Solid I say and maybe it’s okay Maybe it all goes away in the end And truly I swear I’ll know for starting this nightmare I gotta think to look around and view from within I could almost taste it The brain dead stare awaits You’ve never spent Enough time here alone To get the most of your name A sorry I don’t know you it was all I could say It’s shaping up to be so Full of all these angry elements It’s all or nothing I’d tell you if You weren’t so aware You’re just such a fucking eyesore I got caught in a stare


Recorded between the months of March and September of 2018
All songs written by Casey Graham


released November 9, 2018

guitar/bass/vox - Casey Graham
backing vocals - Mitchel Evan and Jaid Desjardins
drums - Joel Hollister
All songs tracked, mixed, and mastered by Mitch Clem at Go West Studio
album art - Drew Cook

These songs are an ode to motivation and getting out of your seat. When standing still seems to be the easiest choice, it’s not always the best choice. In this fast paced environment that makes up our life “Ready To Be That Way” is there to help you make that next move.


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Midlife Pilot Richmond, Virginia

Alternative rock music from Richmond,VA


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